About me

I’ve been a wanderer and traveller all my life, passionate about exploring new places and revisiting favourite haunts.    Dreams really came true when I headed to England by ship in the middle of the swinging 1960s.   I was 21, ‘blowing in the wind’ and loving every minute of it. The following two and a half years were spent wandering around the UK, Europe and the Middle East.  

Adventures during this time included working at Cranks in Carnaby Street London; living for 3 months in a much-travelled old Kombi van with 3 friends while driving through France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Italy; hitchhiking from Florence to Jerusalem when the Kombi broke down; exploring Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and Syria when it was still possible to get to all these places; working on a Kibbutz near the Golan Heights in Israel – and finally hitching back across the Mediterranean and Europe to Denmark.  In 1966,  I returned to Copenhagen to work for a few months, then hitchhiked alone through Scandinavia and the Arctic Circle, joined a minibus trip to Russia and spent the summer holidays in an Austrian castle looking after 9 children. Being completely stony broke by then, I made my penniless way south to Marseilles to board a small French ship which sailed through the Panama Canal and visited Tahiti, the Marquesas Islands and Noumea, before arriving back in Sydney. 

Travel had to be juggled in between other commitments in the middle years of work and family, but somehow time and opportunities always arose for more backpacking and budget-style wandering (with or without kids) including trips to Fiji (twice), India (north and south), Nepal, New Zealand (several times) as well as much of Australia.  I also travelled solo through Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, and became involved with international development work in Cambodia (1999 & 2002) and Thailand (between 2004 & 2009). 

Divorced, independent again and retired from work in 2008, I discovered the joys of home exchanging. This provided more fantastic opportunities to renew my happy, vagabond lifestyle.   With more than 20 exchanges since 2008, I’ve seen and explored much of England, Scotland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Berlin, Jersey (Channel Islands), USA and Canada.   

Now in my late 70s (hurtling towards 80) it seemed like a good time to make a Blog and record some of my experiences.   I’ve posted diary entries and letters of trips since 2008, along with a scattering of photos to add to the stories.   Where letters have been lost, I’ve relied on memory to tell the tales ….

So …  sit back, come for the ride and share some of my world.     Please leave a comment if you’d like to!     

“… I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move. ”

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

” … La vrai liberté c’est le vagabondage”
(True freedom is a vagabond life)